published Saturday, May 6, 2017
For us, protecting and treasuring the sea fauna and flora, have always been very important; for this reason we decided to collaborate with the Livorno aquarium in order to raise awareness in children (and grown-ups) regarding this topic.

The result is ‘Exploring the sea’, an initiative for all of our clients that will bring the Livorno Aquarium directly to the Bagni Etruria in June, July and August, with many playful, but educational activities cured by the experts of the Aquarium.

These courses will be divided by age groups: for the youngest (age 4-8 years old) there will be courses on the beach, while the older children (age 8-12 years old) will be able to explore the coast while snorkelling.

Courses Timetable:
Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th
Saturday 1st and Saturday 22nd
Sunday 6th and Thursday 17th

The initiative will be presented during the Opening Party of our bathing establishment with wallet guides and all the necessary information.
Discovering and exploring the sea in a fun and exciting way will be possible, this summer, at the Bagni Etruria.